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Niching March Revenue Reached NT$81 Million, a Monthly Growth of 13%

Niching Industrial Corporation (3444) announced March revenue of NT$81,828,000, an increase of 13 % from February which was NT$72,710,000 and an increase of 4 % from the same period last year which was NT$78,972,000. Overall, revenue from January to March stood at NT$225 million, an increase of 8 % from the same period last year which is NT$ 207 million.
In terms of quarterly revenue situation, the net profit after tax for Q1 was NT$224,723,000 , an 8% increase compared to NT$207,447,000 of the same period last year. Niching indicated that, in Q1, revenue for major products had all increased at the year-over-year growth rate: including packaging and testing-related products 6%, Driver IC- related 14%, LED-related 9%. Although the sales of memory related products keep stable base on high record of last period, Niching indicated that market demand for Memory related is to be stronger this year, hinted by hot-selling DRAM, NAND and SSD. Institutional investors estimated that the revenue of Q2 might be keeping optimistic and the revenue of Memory related be a three-year high.
Niching approved the EPS after tax stood at NT$1.16, and the distribution of NT$1.0 cash dividend per share in 2016, achieving payout ratios of up to 90% and the cash yield of up to 5 %. Judging from Institutional investors, Q1 should be this year’s low point and Q2 is likely to outperform Q1, followed by quarter-over-quarter growth.